Letter 10: "Luis' decision"

Sonsonate, El Salvador
March 10, 2011

This week has been...eventful... (!) On Saturday I had my first real heart break moment.

Luis was supposed to get baptized on Saturday. We had been meeting with him everyday and then on Thursday we couldn't find him. On Friday we looked for him for two hours and still couldn't find him.

So, on Saturday morning we went to his house at 8 am, with two elders, to talk to him and see how he was doing and what was going on. We talked about the baptism and he said he thought he should wait because "he wasn't ready."

We explained that baptism is a step in the right direction and they indeed he was ready. We then asked him to pray right then and there with us. We got on our knees and he asked God directly if he was supposed to be baptized today.

The spirit was so strong and everyone knew the answer. We continued to talk a little about baptism and what it means and he even talked about how he felt 'good'... but in the end he chose not to.

"Free agency [Sucks]"
I love love love my agency and wouldn't want anything to compromise it. But sometimes I really hate that other people have it! Quite fittingly (it's that a word?)

The Relief Society lesson [given] yesterday was about "Libre Albedrío" (Free agency) and its role in the Plan of Salvation...

I wasn't depressed about Luis because we missed out on a baptism or I felt like a horrible missionary, I was sad for him because I know what is that he's missing out on.

He doesn't know exactly, but I do. And it stinks for him. cause he needs this in his life! bah! He did ask if when he thought he was ready, if he could be baptized. We said "of course!" and it might still happen.

We can hope and pray, but ultimately it's [still] his decision...and that sucks!

On a brighter note. I thought when something like what happened with Luis happened on my mission I would get discouraged, however, it did quite the opposite.

After that meeting with him I was even more determined and eager to share my testimony with everyone in Sensunapan...

THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!!!! And it really does bless your life.

I've been here a month... a day feels like an eternity, but right now I feel like I've only been here a day.

Thank you everyone for supporting and loving me. I can't tell you how much it helps me to know that you are there for me.

I love you all...until next time!

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