Letter 11: "I'm alive... and all is good"

Sonsonate, El Salvador
March 14, 2011

"Are you serious?"
So on Tuesday I woke up thinking about the topic "ask, seek, knock."

It's hard to explain the way I felt when I woke up, but for some reason I [felt] I needed to study it and apply it to missionary work from members, so I did...

Saturday night, the bishop told us that one of us was speaking about Missionary Work on Sunday. Hna Bermudez lovingly told me that I HAD to do it...

Holy cow! [Then] it hit me like a brick! When for some reason I felt I needed to study about "ask, seek, knock" was to learn and teach this to the members on the sacrament meeting!

Something like that, [feeling that I was an instrument in the hands of the Lord and say something He wanted me to say to the ward], was actually the first time that has ever happened to me. It was pretty sweet...

"The talk"
When we told the bishop that I was the one giving the talk he looked at my companion like "Are you serious?"

My spanish wasn't perfect but I didn't write out the talk and I was able to give it!

I think I gained at least a little of the confidence from the members. It was a pretty cool experience... I wasn't nervous at all until two minutes before the talk... [when i got a little nervous.

During the talk I was fine, but the walk back to my seat [after the talk] was heck!

Tsunami scare
As far as the tsunami scare... we didn't get anything! The members told me about the scare and that parts of California and Oregon were on alert! Yay!

Life is good, God is awake. I am in Sensunapan with Hna. Bermudes for at least six more weeks... which is good cause we got a lot of work to do!

Working hard, I love you all!

Have a great week!

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