Letter 29: "Crazy... but great"

Ataco, El Salvador
September 5, 2011

"The rules of writing"
I really just realized I have eight months in the mission today!!!!!

I in the beginning....our president has changed... or rather clarified... the rules of writing. Our letters to him have become too short and we write too long...

So now to be completely obedient (because if I'm not how can I expect my investigators to be?) My letters are going to be much much shorter and/or I'm not going to write very many personal letters... we'll see how it goes :)

City of Ataco
I haven't written about Ataco yet, have I? Anyway, I got transferred to Ataco, Ahuachapan....

It is the COMPLETE opposite of Sensunapan. It is a small tourist town, it's cold, and it rains a lot... sound familiar? (Oregon people!)

The only difference is that they speak Spanish here! On the weekends it is packed with tourists (busloads of north americans) and is dead the rest of the week...

It is full of tiny touristy shops and there is no fast food nor grocery stores... I constantly have a stuffy nose and I am wet. ...I feel so at home here it's not even funny...

I love the ward. it's smaller than Sensunapan, 100 or so active members, of whom I still don't know all of them. But it's great.

The buildings are beautiful!!! And the people...well the people are Salvadoranian...which means they are nice... all of them are really nice....

Although something that is really nice is that about half the people that aren't interested wont let us in the door...

It makes it a lot easier to find new positive investigators....

"Speaking about investigators
This week was crazy...awesome but crazy!!!

If you look in our planners you will find that we did not plan on having any baptisms this week... but we ended up having two!!!! one was Saul.

Saul: He is 11 and last month his entire family was baptized minus him, because he didn't want to... he just didn't feel the desire.

But then he went to the temple and without any prompting from us told us that now he was going to get baptized... we set it for the second of August, but another kid was getting baptized on Saturday from a different ward,we invited him to as well, and he said yes!...

Then there was Lillian.

Her kid, Elias was baptized last month, she had wanted to before, but later decided that she wasn't ready.

We've been teaching her a lot and you can really feel the spirit in the lessons, so Saturday we brought our district leader, Elder Matamoros, and he did a baptismal interview, talked with her for a while.

And she decided to do it!!! The next day! It was crazy! But awesome! Lillian was so happy, and especially Elias.

Her husband is hard hearted and stiff necked, but we have faith he'll come around. We also found a lot of really positive people this week... like The Valasquez family!

The Valasquez family: The Hermanas from almost a year ago taught the husband, Mauricio, but the wife, Sonia wasn't interested. Now she is the one who found us!

She went to the temple with a friend and felt good, so now she is open to hearing our doctrine... please pray for them..and for us so that we know how to teach them!

All in all, everything is great. Crazy...but great.

The other night after the baptism it started raining so hard the street was converted into a river!

I have a video!!!... Anyway. I think thats all I got for this week... I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!

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