Letter 30: "People would just open up to us"

Ataco, El Salvador
September 12, 2011

"...to a whole new level"
This week was pretty laid back. No surprise baptisms!... but then yesterday we had a crazy experience... in the beginning of my mission in the MTC people said that people would just open up to us as missionaries.

So far in the mission that has proved to be true enough, after a few visits, if we ask enough question they open up and share their problems with us.

Yesterday however, we had a lady taking this to a whole new level.

We were teaching a less active who joined the church two years ago, Rafael. We invited his wife, Enna, to join us for five minutes and she did so reluctantly.

We asked her to choose someone to give the opening prayer and she got this horrible look on her face and told us that she knows nothing about our doctrine so we should just do whatever it is that we do and she will listen for the five minutes. (Whoops...)

Anyway, we started and we asked her a question about Christ and how she feels about him and when she responded you could tell that she just wanted to bite our heads off.

We were really trying to listen to the spirit and figure out what was going on with her and felt that we just needed to keep talking about Christ and his mission for us.

I tried again with another question to get her to open up and tell us the real problem... I don't remember the question, but I do remember that she started talking... and didn't stop...

I wont go into the details of her problem but seriously, for about 45 minutes... she went on and on!

I have never had a stranger talk to me about these things so personal!!! And she said at least three times during her rant that she has no idea why she is telling us stuff that her kids don't even know.

And that maybe God did sent us to help her... even though she blames most of the problem on the Church.... we'll see what happens, but it truly was an experience to remember. Please pray for her.

Temples (trivia)
Other than that, everything is pretty calm.

I hope everyone is doing well. remember, God Loves you, I love you, what else really matters?

...OH! cool bit of news...the temple dedication was the 21 of August! (cool tidbit, the Portland Oregon temple was dedicated the 20 of August 1989!) just in time for my Birthday week! :) and Pres. Eyring and Elder Christopherson had a reunion with the missionaries on the 19th!!! whoooooooo! Super exciting!

anyway, that is all...love you!

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