Letter 28: "I thought I saw..."

Ataco, El Salvador
August 22, 2011

A friend
On Saturday we were walking and I saw this guy getting on a scooter and he looked exactly like a friend of mine... but chubbier... it was the weirdest feeling!!!! Because I thought it was him for over a minute! And then I realized that my friend was taller than me...and this guy was not.That was the only thing that convinced me it wasn't my friend.
I can't imagine the world just reading what my brain and fingers vomit out about the mission.

Spanish (More or less)
Other cool thing! I completely understand Spanish sentences...alright, I know I've been out 7 months and it's normal that I can understand and speak (mas o menos) Spanish...but I still am really proud of myself when I can understand.

I am deathly afraid that when I go home I'm going to lose the ability to do so... and I know my Spanish still isn't as good as it should be... in fact you would not be impressed... and you would machete me for not studying like I should be...

Live your life, don't waste it and don't forget what is most important....pray and read your scriptures every day!

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