Letter 7: "I Love El Salvador!"

Sonsonate, El Salvador
February 10, 2011

1st Area
My assigned area is Sensunapan in the Sonsonate stake. We have a really small area and walk everywhere...which after nine weeks of sitting in a desk, I love it!

1st Companion
I love (LOVE!) my companion is Hermana Bermudez. She is actually from El Salvador! Her mission call would be like me getting a call to the Eugene mission! Pero she loves it!

(Hermana Bermudez is a hard worker, loves the people, loves the Book of Mormon, and doesn't speak two words of English!...)

1st day
It's fun...really! Its flipping hot! I never knew you could have layers of sweat...but you can, layers upon layers...you wipe one layer off and there are ten more...it's bad!

I didn't have OFF for the first few days so my legs are covered in mosquito bites (don´t be surprised if I get Dengue fever (sp?) Un chiste! (Don´t tell my president that I told you that :).

There are bugs everywhere! It is a good thing I'm not a germaphobe cause I would never be able to do, or eat, or go anywhere... or anything!

I love it here!

Its awesome! don't worry about me, I have everything I need, including OFF (Bug's Repellent) and I have an hour and a half to write now! YAY! pretty much I have the coolest mission ever. I even have cool mission stories!

Cool mission stories
Story 1
Saul: When I came to the area we didn't have any progressing investigators but now we have a couple and one of them is Saul, hes pretty much the most accepting guy ever.

He agrees with everything we tell him and he is really powerful. We have only been teaching a week (and by we I mean Hna Bermudez cause I can hardly understand a word he says.) but he is on the road to finding an answer! Yay!

Story 2
Ricardo: This one is actually pretty cool...this guy we tracked into. He is a hard one! No lesson stays on the right track for long because he wants his questions answered.

If he ever does accept the Gospel he is going to be really strong! But it's just a matter of him look for and receiving an answer.

During our second lesson with him he and Hna Bermudez were arguing over some really small and insignificant part about prophets and they were getting deeper and deeper into it and miraculously I was able to follow along...

I knew that there was no way we were teaching him anything if we didn't just stop so I said the most fervent and honest prayer I have ever said and then I took action.

I made everyone stop talking and told them to listen to me. Then I told him exactly our purpose and outlined the first lesson...IN SPANISH!!!!!

It was a miracle!

I mean it wasn't perfect Spanish but I got the point across! It was the coolest thing that ever happened to me!

Hna. Bermudez couldn't belive it either! I don't know if he felt the spirit, but I sure did!

Story 3
Luis: While we were tracking we found someone who spoke English...Luis. Not only does he speak English, but he has spent the last forty years living in California.

His kids are in the States, his wife died two years ago, he made some bad decisions which got him kicked out of the country, and now he is back in El Salvador for the last five months.

Then his mom died only a couple months ago...basically he is the most humble he has ever been.

Spanish is his first language but he has been Speaking English so long he feels at home in it. So when we knocked on his door he was so inviting!

It was amazing. I felt slightly bad because Hna B. couldn't understand anything. I tried to keep the lesson in Spanish, but he only responded in English. So by the end I was speaking English too... it was the first time since I've been here that I felt needed! Hna B. didn't like it at all, but I loved it.

I feel so cheesy cause I love some of these people, like... really love them, even though I can only understand 3/4 of what they say and more likely than not they wont get baptized.

But I really feel love for them! Its crazy! Loco I say! I hope everything is well and everyone is well...for those of you who haven't, write me! For those of you who have, thank you! ( and keep it up!)

I love you all...

-Hna Pappas.

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