April 10th 2012

Hello family! sorry, i havent written in a while. but today si!  i hope everyone is well....i know i am! no, really. im dying of the heat and my skin is slowly being roasted...but im still white. i really dont think that will ever change....
Wasnt Conference great!?!?!?! it really answered a lot of my personal questions, i loved the talk by Richard G. Scott about recieving revelation and President Monson. it really is an amazing gift that we have to be able to hear the voice of a prophet. it did make me sad because it is my last conference in the mission. and conference in the mission is the best! 

weird side note: my companion has decided its time for me to be 'baggy' so at least once a day she tells me that i only have 10 weeks left in the mission....guess what! i only have 10 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but there is so much to do in those ten weeks. we have some investigators that are progressing and i really think we are going to baptize this month! Wendy (have i talked about her?) has a testimony and comes to church by herself, she wakes up and gets her four little kids ready  and comes to church even though her husband makes fun of her! she is ready but is afraid of falling afterward, we are trying to help her gain the faith and confidence necessary in God to make the jump! i think its going to happy pronto!  we are also teaching WIlliam, he wants to be baptized, he just never has time! once he came to church by himself without a call from us without anyone passing for him, he just came for the last hour! its just hard to find him to teach him.  the work is progressing here in Succotz. we are trying to keep the animo going though the heat. there is a river going through our area that is the color of Jade and bright and beautiful!!!!!!! EVERYONE goes there to pass the hottest part of the day...we just walk by it and sing songs about how unfair it is that we cant!!!!!!! i am going to take a trip especialmente to come and spend all day in the river!  although something insane happened yesterday on the bank of the river

we found a family that we had an appointment with, they werent at home (cause they were at the river) we found them in  the river and went to talk with them. there was an inactive member there too. so we were talking and the kid said\ "you guys should go in the river' we told him we couldnt becuase it was against mission rules and he said 'oh! you cant go in cause joseph smith told you you cant' and then they started in! he asked us 'why can joseph smith have seven wives and i cant?' and a whole bunch of other things. we invited him to listen to us instead of just talking about things that he didnt know and he agreed. we started explaining about prophets and making a connection to Moses. then the inactive lady pipes up and says 'THats a LIe!!!!!! there is no such thing as prophets now, your prophet couldnt part any sea like moses.' i testified that if god commanded it\, he could  then she started ranting and contradicting herself. she started talking about how presidente monson doesnt have the authority, but then she said  both he and the pope have authority. then she said we all have authority. then she said nobody had authority. the point is, she just kept ranting and saying things that didnt make sense. we tried to teach but she wouldnt let up and was filling the investigators mind with trash. but then something crazy happened. she stopped, neither hna sierra nor i wanted to fight so we waited. when i felt the spirit i started testifying of the truth. that yes we do have a prophet. God IS talking to us. and these men DO have the authority. it was amazing! i felt the spirit and i know that they did too! it was a confirmation to me again that yes! these things are true! the gospel is true and its on earth! after i testified, hna sierra testified just as powerfully if not more. and as we were testifying and calling to repentance  the sky got dark and it started lightning and thundering! everyone ran out of the river and then it started raining!!!! we left and made it to a members house before the real downpour started. then for the next 30 minutes it poured! and the member just kept saying three or four times that it is unheard of that it rains in this month. that this NEVER happens!  MUAH HAH HAHAHAHAH!!!! power of God!!!!! it was so awesome!.  
you hardly ever see the line so definite between apostasy and the truth when we are talking to someone....it was a an amazing experience because we didnt fight, nor did we want to, we just testified and the spirit confirmed! perhaps thier minds arent as open, or didnt feel it, but i sure was convinced! 

the work of the Lord keeps going. no unhallowed hand can stop it. even though sometimes it seems that nobody wants it. i do. and im going to do all i can to find other people that want it and help it grow. thats why im here. and i am so happy to be here.

i love you all. el fin se acerca, necesitamos prepararnos! sean diligentes, sean fieles. sean firmes. sean constantes. nosotros somos el ejercito de Dios.!
hasta pronto!

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