Letter 8: "Dirt, sweat, tears, trials, miracles"

Sonsonate, El Salvador
February 17, 2011

"Work, work, work"
Another week [has passed]! Can you believe it?, I've been here two weeks! It's slightly crazy and full of dirt, sweat, tears, trials, miracles...in essence, life. It feels like I've been here forever, and at the same time [it feels as if time] has flown by.

Everyday is work, work, work. I now understand how this could be the hardest thing I have ever done. I am more and more humble every day because my weaknesses are a plenty.

I know that God gave me everything I wanted in a mission, different culture, different language, warm weather (Hot! actually), the people are friendly...what I don't know is why the heck he thought I could actually do this..

I mean I will do this, I am doing this, but I have no idea what he sees that makes him think I can excell! haha!

Not gonna lie, this whole language thing is proving to be harder than I thought it'd be. Right now I just need patience and faith. A lot of both... fast! ( If you pray for anything please pray for that!)

Life with the investigators is great, hard, but great! Luis has a baptisimal date! Its for the 20th, but I don't think it will happen until the 27th... Hna. Bermudez says that the first date almost always falls through... I guess we'll see!

I think it's funny. The only person in my area (I'm pretty sure) that we could teach in English. and we just happen to find him. I definately don't think this had anything to do with us being good contacters!

Cool Mission Stories

Marlene & Kevin: Last week we contacted a woman named Marlene and her 8 year old son named kevin. They are amazing! Kevin always wants to find and read the scriptures and Marlene is the most accepting person I have ever seen.

Usually people freak out a little bit when we introduce the Book of Mormon, but she was just like "Oh, okay, this is 'scripture,' let me pray about it!" Then when she came to church on Sunday, the gospel principles lesson was about all 'The volumes of scripture' and at the end she was like, "Where can I get the book that has them all?" (The triple!)...

Um...okay! It's crazy!

I keep finding myself thinking that she has already been baptized and is just playing with us! We hope to get a baptismal date tonight! Yay!

I miss everyone so much!
I love the mission and if there is anything I don't love I know I'll come to love it in a few months! like the fact that I hardly understand anything anyone is saying!

Bah, I'll get over it. Please pray of patience on my behalf! I wish I could hug you all! but I'm a missonary :)

Be safe. Be happy. God loves you, I love you...what more do you need?(!)

until next week, Hna. Pappas

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