Letter 16: "Miracle miracles miracles!"

Sonsonate, El Salvador
April 25, 201

ERIC GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is my news for the week. I can´t convey the happiness and excitement i feel! it happened yesterday. the adversary definately didn´t want it to happen and tried his hardest to make it not happen. but alas it did. not only that but we got another baptisimal date for an investigador named William.

He is pretty hard core and when he gets a testimony of the Book of Mormon and all that jazz he is going to be a great tool for the Lord. he´s forty years old, so a full time mision isn´t in the near future, but he is going to be a great missionary in sensunapan! our baptisimal goal for april is 7 people.

We have two baptisms as of today and three baptisimal dates. its going to take a few more miracles to reach our goals, but we are hopeful! your prayers and love is much appreciated! they help! the Lord is awake, remember that. stay strong and pray hard. life is good!

i love you, God loves you. what else matters?

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