Letter 24: "A mission of constant changes" (Part UNO)

Sonsonate, El Salvador
July 11, 2011

"No two minutes are the same."
Hello family and friends! I am still alive and working hard. I fear my letters cannot fully express the ups and downs and side roads of my missionary life.

There is so much that happens everyday and so many different sensations that one can feel... and it changes constantly-- No two minutes are the same.

It is impossible [for me] to take twenty minutes and describe all of the stories and feelings, because it all depends on what I am feeling in that moment. And there are so many moments when I have no idea how I’m feeling or what I am thinking.

So I just move forward.

There are so many changes that have come and are coming in the next few weeks I want to share a few of them...

New companion
I have a new companion, Hna Fuentes. She is awesome! Hna Bermudez explained to me at the beginning that every companionship is different and the most important thing is to find the best way to work with your companion in unity.

I didn’t fully understand what she meant because well, I didn’t have any experience with it. Well now I do. And she was right.

Hna Fuentes is VERY different from Hna Bermudez... and me. At first it was rocky because I was very comfortable teaching with Hna Bermudez, we had our system down and Hna Fuentes doesn’t work in the same way. No two people do.

But once I adjusted we get along great and I have learned so much from her. I love that we have the opportunity of teaching with so many different people because my teaching has become better as I learn from her different tactics and explanations.

Our mission has changed too.

New Mission (Mission Boundary Changes)
We are now even smaller! We only have 3 departments in El Salvador, Santa Ana, Auachapan (sp?), and Sonsonate. Then Belize also.

Our mission is called now El Salvador Santa Ana/Belice Mission. All the missionaries got moved around and now our zone went from having 16 missionaries to have about 23...
The El Salvador San Salvador East and El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Missions were realigned. The East mission is now the El Salvador San Salvador Mission, and the West is now the El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission.
New Missionaries (new feel)
I still don’t know all of the missionaries in our Zone. We used to be really close, but now it feels like every companionship is on its own. Which on one hand is nice because the assistants-to-the-president and our zone-leaders are not working in our area everyday!

But on the other hand it feels like we are less unified in purpose. Elder Beaton is still our Zone-leader, which is nice… because he's awesome. Elder Muñoz got sent to Belize, which is great cause that’s what he wanted, but at the same time, he was an awesome Zone-leader and it was sad to see him go from our zone.

Biggest change of all: Presidente Lopez is finishing his mission this week!

New Mission President
Next week we get a new President! Presidente Cordon. We had our last multi-zone meeting with Presidente Lopez yesterday (which is why I didn’t write yesterday).

It was really moving and awesome. But then, at the end, we all passed in front to give them a hug and it was SAD!

Almost everyone cried. I was fine until I hugged Hna Lopez, she is so amazing! I mean, I only have 6 months in the mission and I have hardly ever talked to the president, our interviews are like thirty seconds long, and I feel like I don’t really know him.

But Hna Lopez is sunshine and chocolate milkshakes. It’s really sad that pretty much we are never going to see them again. :( But all is well, because...well, just because.

I think that's it as far as all of the changes. except our investigators. Which are constantly changing...

(To be continued)

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