Letter 1: "MTC"

Missionary Training Center (MTC)
Provo, Utah
December 7th 2010

"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness, I gice unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; forif they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong."
Ether 12:27

Ha ha ha. Yeah...I'm feeling it this week.

I am positive that anyone who said to LOVED the MTC, either didn't have to learn another language, or only loves it in hindsight because of all of the things they learned and how much they grew.

Okay, that sounded a little harsh... a little :)

This week has been Crazy! I don't think I could tell you all the things that have happened to me even if I tried... OK, I'll try:

"The MTC"
Basically, I've been so busy that I haven't really had time to think.

(Missionary Training Center or MTC in Provo)

I truly believe that they [The MTC people] try to cram as much information into our brains as possible and pray to heaven that some of it would stick.

It might not be that way, but that's how it feels. Most of the day we are in class learning...
  1. a mixture of basic doctrines of Christ,
  2. how to teach those doctrines, and
  3. how to teach those doctrines in Spanish....It's a challenge for sure.
"My Companion"
My Companion is Hermana Griffin, we are both going to El Salvador and she is pretty awesome.

We are a lot a like in many ways, we watch the same T.V. shows and are pretty similar in personalities, but there a lot of differences too.

She has no problem learning Spanish, she's taken seven years in school and feels pretty comfortable learning more in the language...

Spanish stresses me out to no end. it feels like this huge Gulf that i am drowning in. I feel like I think about it all day and try to memorize lines and rules, but it doesn't stick. part of me knows that I will get it and that I have come so far in the last four days.

Right now I'm pretty comfortable praying in Spanish and can door contact (very VERY basic door contacting) as well as recite a couple scriptures...oh, and bear my testimony more fluently and more from the heart than my previously memorized testimony.

So in reality it is coming...

"The feeling"
If I were taking a class at school it would take weeks and even months to learn what I have learned in five days.

But not a day goes by that I don't have mini-breakdowns because I feel like I will never learn it...though in my heart I know that's silly.

I am a set apart servant of God...He's the one who called me, so obviously he knows I can do it with his help.

Hermana Griffin is also a big help cause she is there to guide me through those moments of doubt...

On the other hand, my strength lies in teaching the Gospel...I love it! I can't get enough of it. I want to practice teaching every day, all day!

It's so amazing when you bear your testimony and you feel the spirit and the words you are saying really do touch those that are listening.

I know it's practice here, but the feeling that comes every time I recite Joseph Smiths vision, and every time I testify that God is our Father and that he really does love us....it's AMAZING!!!

Herman Griffin is having a hard time with that. She really does have a testimony but when we teach a lesson she focuses on the facts. I love her! She has such a great spirit and I know that when she really is able to communicate what she feels in words she will be on fire!

It's interesting the feeling of having a companion... Someone you are with, all day, every day... it's interesting. :)

Anyway I'm running out of time on the computer really fast so I'm going to get going.

This really is going to be an amazing experience, I know it!

The following picture is of my last day in Rexburg. We went to the Rexburg Temple.

(Trish, me and Hernan in Rexburg Idaho, a day before I entered the MTC)

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