Letter 23: "How’s that for random!" (Cambios)

Sonsonate, El Salvador
July 04, 2011


Yup... another cambio come and gone. This was a GREAT cambio filled with laughter and tears. We had one baptism... one amazing baptism...unlike most our other converts Alexis is still going to church received the priesthood on Sunday and is super excited for the temple. Yay!

We are working really hard on finding new investigators and this week we found two families that we have high hopes for...

Hermana Fuentes

Hermana Bermudez is leaving Sensunapan in two days and I have the opportunity to work with a new Hermana, Hermana Fuentes....

Funny side note

Hermana Fuentes was Hermana Bermudez's companion in the CCM (she is also from El Salvador)... and Hermana Bermudez's new companion, Hna. Santos, was my Latina companion in the CCM. How’s that for random!


I am sad to see Hna. Bermudez leave because we have a lot of fun together and this last cambio we became a lot closer... but I guess that means its time for a change right?

When you get comfortable it means you're not growing as much as you could be... :) ...but really, I’m excited to work with someone new, learn different methods of teaching and spice up the life :D ...

"How's that for a miracle!"

This week we worked a lot with the less active members. There are a few families that I love who hardly ever come to church. The Gutierrez Family doesn't come because Louisa (La mama) works Sundays, but this week her boss gave her all the Sundays in June off! How's that for a miracle!

Then we are still working with the Garcia Family. Ruben didn't come to church this last Sunday, but both Karla and Melvin did...

That’s the thing with them, either Melvin and Karla come, or Ruben and Melvin come. We have yet to have a Sunday with all three... we are going to continue working on that :)


That is all the news I have for this week, hope everything is well at home.

Remember: I love you, God Loves you... what else really matters?


Hermana Pappas

Happy Independence Day USA!

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