Tuesday March 6th 2012

Hello everyone!

i am still here in
Belize...hahaha and i am happy! there is a great mix of adventure and world
conquering going on here....
we are teaching a few people that are really positive, but the work is
a lot slower here...
Jesucita is the sister in law of a member, she has always just visited
churches that invite her, but has felt the last couple months a need to join a
church! she is reading in the book of mormon and loves learning about the
things we teach because they just make sense! the only thing is it is really
hard to find her! please pray for her
we are also teaching a family that are pretty positive, the Jimenez
family, one member of the family is a member of the church, and we are working
hard with them. but we definitely need help from the heavens. please pray for
last week we went to a 'rancho' of a couple of the members...it was
pretty amazing...ill let the pictures explain!
i love it here...time is running and i dont feel the days passing, and
i am definitely enjoying the ride!

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