The dedication of the San Salvador El Salvador Temple!!!

August 22nd 2011

"I wish you all could have felt..."

so iforgot to mention in mylast letter that this weekend was the dedication of the San Salvador, El Salvador Temple!!!! Presidente Eyring came to dedicate it (because it was Pres. Monsons Bday on Saturday) the night he got here we had a meeting with him which included both of the Missions in El Salvador! he and Elder Christofferson came to speak to was AMAZING!!! i wish you all could have felt what i felt when he walked into the room...yes i have been to see Conference in the conference center when the first presidency walked in, but i have never felt what i felt when Pres. Eyring walked through the door only five feet from where i stood. i have no doubt in my heart or mind that he is a prophet of God. when he spoke to us it was pure love and the things he said were the exact things that i needed to hear. it was an amazing experience all around, especially because i had the oportunity to sing in a choir for a special musical number. we sang Divina Luz (Lead Kindly Light) there were only 16 of us in the Choir (4 on each part) because we were so small in number we got to sit in front! which is why i was only 5 feet from him when he walked in....anyway. this experience was nothing short of amazing and I wouldnt mind repeating it.

Lost in TV land...

I am really sad because on Saturday we did not get to see the cultural celebration :( it started at 6pm and the last bus returns to Ataco at 645 ...they said it was going to play on the local channels, but they lied because we searched every channelfor an hour...not only did we feel inicuo (iniquitus...?...i have forgotten how to speak English) because we saw small bits of Psych, Glee, and Modern Familiy but we did not get to see the Cultural Celebration and we wasted an hour!!! ...but life moves on.

And sick... again...

Sunday was beautiful. i loved the temple dedication and now tomorrow the temple opens to work! HOW EXCITING IS THAT!?!?! Elder Christofferson told us that right now is the best time to be a missionary in El Salvador and I would have to agree with him! ...other that that this week was pretty calm. Sunday night I got sick...( i think i have to quit eating tamales, because the only times ihave gotten sick in the mission is when i ate tamales) sure youall wanted to know that...i have to go now before i write something else you really dont need or want to know ...LOVE YOU ALL!!!! have a great week!

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