The Past Three Months in a Post...

A couple of months ago I thought December 1st would never come, but now that it is so close I can't believe its here already... though of course besides work I have tried to keep myself pretty busy!
I was so busy in September preparing for the Mission that I hardly noticed the time fly and too soon it was already October!

Anthony's Senior Pics-
My little brother is a Senior!!! I can't believe it! I am so sad I have to miss his graduation. Danita took his portraits and I got to tag along :) my little brother is so cute!

General Conference
I had the opportunity to go to General Conference on a road trip with a couple of friends! it lasted only a few days but it was just what I needed to keep me motivated and going. this was the first year that I went to Utah but didn't get seats in the conference center...instead we enjoyed the sun and laid in the grass...perhaps its a good thing that they publish the talks in November!

The Script-
on October 14th my sisters and I went to a concert for The Script in Portland... you've probably heard "the man who can't be moved" and/or "breakeven" i assure you the rest of their songs are just as amazing as those! ...if you haven't heard of this band you need to listen to them. I Guarantee you will love them too!

My favorite script song!

Anthony's Play-
My little brother is a Senior in High School and he took part in the fall play, it was an improv play based on the story of 'the three little pigs' it was interesting to say the least...but the costumes were pretty cool, My brother looked like a pimp and Connor (an AWESOME kid from our ward) played the wolf...he truly stole the show!

Time is flying-
and now i have two weeks! that's 14 days! 336 hours!! 20,160 minutes!!! ...i can't believe it! I've packed and unpacked twice already and although I can't imagine how horrible it will be to say goodbye to my family, I am ready to go!


  1. SOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOoooo excited my sister!!! You will be a fantastic missionary! And I can't believe it is only 2 weeks away! And your farewell is in 5 days!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! It is hard to imagine you gone from us. I will miss cuddletime... but I wouldn't have you miss this opportunity to dedicate your life and your time to the Lord and His work! LOVE DANITA!

  2. Sister Pappas! We'll miss you. I already do.
    I like the video: Who is that handsome fella you are with?

    I am sorry I am missing your farewell :(