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Hello Casey blog followers! So due to some kinks and changes in the mission rules, some of Casey's emails have gotten a little lost on the way to the page... we are working on it, though!! I will be posting a LOT of letters over the next several days, so you can all catch up on how Hermana Pappas is doing in El Salvador. I will try to keep the editorializing to a minimum... but no promises...

Okay! Here is the first stray letter, dated August 15th 2011:


I have seen more miracles this week than in any other time in my mission so far!!!

Miracle One:

i think the first one happened wednesday...remember the story i told about the lady who unloaded two years of stress and heartache on us? well we visited their house again, she wasnt there but her husband, rafael, was. we started the lesson and he told us that he has no idea what we were thinking when we came to visit him that day, but that it was truly a miracle. he had been feeling horrible about his family relationships and he had gotten on his knees that morning to beg Heavenly Father for forgiveness and that if there was a way to fix it, to please show him a sign....then we knocked on the door just a few hours later...after we left they talked a long time and are both agreed to make things better. He feel like he recieved his answer and that everything is going to be okay, because he knows that God is taking care of him and listening to his prayers.

Miracle Two

The Valasquez family came to church...well, most of them. they are coming to every activity and now to church...this family is Poderoso!!!! now we just need to get them in the water!

Miracle Three

Josue was Baptized....this is the second time in the history of my mission that a baptism has gone through with the first date...the 'hard part' with him is that we had to get permission from his parents. well, one of his parents is not a member and the other one is now assisting a church evangelical....so we were a little bit nervous about what was going to happen....however. his mom told us that she will support him in whatever decision that he wants to make in his life and that this decision is really personal. then his dad told us that he was overjoyed that his son wanted to take this step in his life and that he was there to support him 100%. ...it was so amazing to speak with them and it was nothing short of a miracle.

Miracle Four

this is perhaps the biggest miracle of all...i dont remember if i have talked about Edwin, but he is an investigator that we have been teaching this entire transfer. he and all of the kids (between the ages of 11 and 28) in the area that hang around his house. he is a 'bad boy' walking in all kinds of things that arent really good in any way. at first he was hard. he didnt speak hardly at all in the lessons and believes in God, but as far as anything else, including satan, he doesnt believe. little by little he has been changing and now he speaks openly to us about pretty much everything. that is not the miracle. everytime we mention the word church he closes up, he does not have any desire to go to church...we think that he thinks if he goes a lightening bold is going to fall upon him...anyway. yesterday when the sacrament meeting had just started one of the young women told us that we had two investigators outside...thinking it was the valasquez family we went to bring them in...but it was edwin and Jorge (one of the kids that hangs in the house) Edwin tried to tell us that he only came to drop off Jorge....but he couldnt fool us because he was in a formal church shirt and shoes.... .... ...right after sacrament meeting he fled,but the miracle is that he came...please pray for him. if we can help change their lives we will change the world....

i love you all and hope all is well, write me :)

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