January 30th 2012

why is my family so big?! i want to write you all every week...but time just doesnt cut it...i love each of you so much its impossible to write it out in words in an email.. its much bigger than 12pt font. and even though the majority of you dont write me often, or dont send cards, you really need to quit feeling guilty about it. because i dont feel bad. i know you love me. in every moment of my lifeyou have been there to support me. i feel the support without paper and ink. i feel it over thousands of miles and without telephone lines. even without photos or a computer. i feel your prayers in every moment that i have been here. and i thank you for them. i love each one of you so much. please quit telling me how much you suck. and how guilty you feel. i hope i am not saying anything to make you feel guilty and if i am im sorry, because i dont mean it. i love love love love love love love you,. and when the time comes you can all show me how much you love me in person....cause time is running out...FAST

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