Prayer Works!!!

February 13th 2012

okay, today is a big email day. because ive got big news!!!! changes again! i cant believe it. they say your last six months fly by, but i didnt really believe it entirely....but its true...i have not felt the last two transfers at all! the days are flying by and they are about to fly by faster because

IM GOING TO BELIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!

yup. its hard to believe but its true. :)

i dont have much else to say, this last change was probably one of the most difficult changes in the most difficult areas, but it really was a blessing because i have grown the most. my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is stronger than every and i feel my relationship with my Father in Heaven growing every day. i have learned to work with people that are very different than me and i am coming to accept the challenges of life without getting discouraged (aka no baptisms). every experience in the mission is for our benefit whether its success or ...nonsuccess...ive seen miracles in the challenges. it really just comes down to trusting that God knows best and it will all work out for our benefit. it really has been a blessing and now i am getting exactly what ive asked president for for the last three transfers!!! haha! now well see if i really wanted it :) i love you all and i hope everything is going well. write me!

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