Turning Toward the Temple!

Seaside, Oregon
September 24, 2010

"For the first time"
I did it...after years and years of waiting on September 22nd I was able to enter the Holy Temple of the Lord for the first time.

I couldn't tell you if it was raining or sunny. I couldn't tell you how long it took or who it was that came to support me.

I couldn't tell you what it looked like inside or even what I felt while I was inside. I guess I can only say how I feel about it now... peace.

Don't ask me to repeat anything I learned because even if I could tell you, I wouldn't remember anything!

But I have felt more peace in the last few weeks than I have in the last two months.

I am so excited to go again and again.

I had the opportunity to go through the Portland Temple again with my sister and then the Salt Lake Temple on during General Conference weekend!

It was so exciting!!!!

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