The Waiting Game...85 days

So here I am, ochenta y cinco dias until I report to the MTC. I can't believe I still have three months until I leave. Two other people in my homeward got their calls after me in August, Austin is leaving for Kentucky on October 6th and Dalton is going to Guam, leaving November 3rd!

...not that I'm jealous or anything because they're leaving before me...but I kind of am...even though I would take El Salvador over either one of those (even Guam!) and waiting an extra month or two is worth it...right?

About a week after getting my call I got a thick envelope from LDS travel services giving me a list of all the paperwork I needed before I went. it outlined what immunizations to get, and how to get my passport. I also need to send in a copy of my birth certificate and an official police letter stating my good standing as a citizen in the community. not only do i have to get those I have to send them into the Secretary of States office to get an apostille (if anybody knows exactly what an apostille is or what its good for please feel free to explain it to me!).

after getting that letter I thought time was going to be eaten up as I busied myself with these preparations...however, going to Kenya was the best preparation for that. All my immunizations are done as well as my passport. my birth certificate only took a week and a half to get instead of the five they said it would take...and I'm not supposed to get the police letter until two weeks before I enter the MTC. So I am finished for now, and all I can do is wait.


  1. The wait is SOOOOO going to be well worth it ^_^ LOVE YOU SO MUCH Hermana Pappas!

  2. In Argentina an apostille (In Spanish, Apostilla) is when you want to make legal any copy of any document. I had to pay 18 dollars, so be sure to take money, just in case.