Letter 2: "Schwang!"

Missionary Training Center (MTC)
Provo, Utah
December 14th 2010

Okay! so I am now starting to understand why people LOVE the MTC.

I get it.

The first week really does stink but holy cow, it's amazing! even though I know I will love the field 10x more, this is an amazing experience.

(The MTC keeps everything bad outside)

"My District"
I love my district, I don't know how much I told you about them last week, but they really are great!

All of the Elders of my district are so adorable and even though we've only been together for two weeks, it really does feel like we are family.

They are so strong and they are all going to be great missionaries... All, in very different ways.

"My teachers"
Then, there are our teachers, who are AWESOME! Hermanos Rapp and Zirckle are pretty legit.

Hermano Zirckle is married and has a kid on the way, he is finding out the gender this week!

Then Hermano Rapp... oh Hermano Rapp. His key phrases are 'Schwang!' and 'weak sauce!' everything in 'weak sauce!'...

We, the sisters, are taking those phrases with us to Guatamala, El Salvador, and Belize...it's going to be an Epic-demic :)

Speaking of, WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!!!!!!!!!!! we leave next Tuesday (exactly a week!) me and the other Hermanas are heading out to Guatamala.

We weren't sure if we were going to be able to go because a lot of places in Central America and Spain are having difficulties with visas...

Two of the Elders in our district (Elders Thornly and Peterson) were supposed to leave the same day as us, but their visas are delayed so they are staying here.

It really is exciting news that we are going, but it is bittersweet...we really will miss our Elders (our district Elders) and we aren't going to be able to see them until after the mish... sad...

Another thing, if you are going to send a letter, you'd better send it by Friday, otherwise I probably wont get it.

This past week has been so amazing.

Sunday was and is my favorite day of the week. For Relief Society, Sister Christofferson, as in... the apostles wife!, came and talked to us.

We also got to see Music and the Spoken Word, Christmas Style :) and for the Sunday fireside we heard the BYU mens choir, which I thought was legit!

...oh! COOL STORY!

So Hermana Wooten and I went together to sing in the choir for Devotional (which is tonight), but the practice was on Sunday.

After the practice, she was talking to an Elder about where they were going, and when she told him she was going to El Salvador he said "Oh my companion is your mission presidents son!"

So, we went to find him and when we did, we come to find MY mission Presidents son! he's here at the MTC on his way to Provo!

I thought it was pretty cool....! I hope to find him sometime today to get my picture taken with him cause neither of us had one on us...

He told me that, because I know him, my mission president will love me more :)

I am loving how much I'm learning here and even though I miss you all it is so worth it!

It kind of hurts...no, it really hurts to change this much this fast, but I can't believe how quickly everything is coming. So many changes!

Spanish is definitely the biggest challenge.

Every week we teach a mock lesson (it's kind of like a weekly test) and last Saturday was the first one.

Hermana Griffin and I did really well! Teaching is so great! my favorite part is when we get to promise them all of the blessings of following the gospel, it's so powerful and the promises are legit, they are backed up and I have no fear in giving them..

I really do love The Work, even though I haven't technically done it yet :) I'm so excited to get out of here...only 7 more weeks left!

Thank you so much for all of you who have sent letters, they are saving me and keeping me so motivated and reminding me why I'm here, I love it!

The package from the Relief Society was AMAZING! It was beautiful! Thank You!

I'll sent real letters this week cause my time is running out! Sorry! You'll get a personal, not in a few days! (if you have written me, ofcourse :)

Casey is Already in Guatemala. She called her family from the Dallas airport and talked for a while. It was great to hear from her and she is doing awesome! She sent a 'snail mail' letter, and we will get that to y'all as soon as we can!

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