Letter 18: "Sunshine and Daisies, and White Cupcakes With Pink Frosting''

Sonsonate, El Salvador
May 30, 2011

Five months
Yesterday I hit Five months in the mission field and next week I get to call home... time is flying! I can't believe it!
This week was great... the work is moving.

An investigator named Cesar
I don't know if i wrote about him last week, but we have an investigator named Cesar who is awesome!

He is so eager to learn everything we are teaching him. It's like he has gone so long without water and he never knew where to look to find it.

He is thirsty for the knowledge that so many of us take for granted! Last week he came to church on his own without any reminders from us and his friends who are in the ward invited him to go to the beach with them on Sunday and he said no cause he wanted to come to church!!!

Well... this week we had an appointment on Friday with him, but he didn't show up, we passed by on Saturday too, but he wasn't there. And then he didn't come to church on Sunday...

I was worried that he was bored with it all, but then yesterday we were contacting by his house and he called us over.

His grandma is in the hospital and he was with her for the last three days. We taught lesson 3 about the Gospel and he told us that when we talk about baptism he doesn't want to wait, he wants to get baptized today!

Unfortunately we still have a lot to teach him... but if all goes good, perhaps we can baptize him earlier than the 14th!!!! That would make us extremely happy!

Natalie and Jorge
Also we are teaching Natalie and Jorge, I don't know if i wrote about them last week...Jorge's mom is inactive for almost 14 years, but her testimony is really strong!!!

We tracted into her husband, who is VERY catholic. but she has been feeling lately that she wants to return to church and she wants her kids to be baptized!

Natalie is her niece... and she is so beautiful! She is 9 years old and when you talk to her you can't help but be happy.

She is sunshine and daisies and white cupcakes with pink frosting all wrapped up into one! I love her!

Jorge is very shy, but he is so nice! I love teaching them because it's like they know these things, they just need to be reminded!

Like the rock in your shoe!
Our older investigators are getting bored of us... but we are like the rock in your shoe. we just won't leave them alone... but it's for their own good. Even if they don't know it :)


life is good.

God loves you,

I love you.

what else matters!?

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