Letter 19: "Mother's Day"

Sonsonate, El Salvador
June 06, 2011

"Their voices"
Best news of the week is that i got to talk to my family. I had no idea how much i missed them until I heard their voices and promptly started to cry. :)

I Love my family more than anything on this Earth. that said....

This week was...a week in the mission: Preaching, teaching, serving. its my life and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

"Suck it up"
Hermana Bermudez hit her 1 year mark on Thursday! We ate pupusas in celebration ;P she only has six months left!!!! I have decided that I never want to get to that point...

As far as the work goes, it's as crazy as ever. the part that i love is that it is never finished. We are never bored. sometimes it's hard at 8:30 at night when nobody wants to talk to us, but even then we just have to suck it up and start contacting. we find some of the coolest people at 8:30 at night :)

"Cattle Herder"
Russell told me that i need to quit focusing on numbers and focus more on going on the journey with the people we teach. He was right. this life is a journey and I have the opportunity to show people the map to make it through.

Sometimes i feel like a cattle herder, not gonna lie, but our example really is Jesus Christ, and he wasn't a Cattle Herder... he was a Shepard. People followed him because of the way he lived, not because he pushed them to go where they did not want to go.

So yesterday I started putting into practice showing our investigators love and concern for their problems and not just focusing on baptismal dates...

It has only been one day, but i felt a big difference in the lessons, we didn't necessarily teach everything in the lesson, but we adapted to their needs and I think they understood more. not only that, but we understood more about how to help them.

All in all...good advice.

Also we had two baptisimal dates fall through... I think we have been pushing buttons that haven't been ready to push.

Anyway. i'm learning something new everyday and that's all I can handle right now.

Life is great!

God lives.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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