Letter 5: "P-Day"

Missionary Training Center (MTC)
Guatemala City, Guatemala
January 11, 2011

This is the coolest mission ever...

P.S. I love being a missionary...and I only have three more weeks left until I really am one!!!!!!

So much has happened this week so I guess I will go through the stories...

Today is P-Day (Preparation Day) but it was a little...[okay--- A lot] different than most [of my] pdays. there is only one district at the MTC right now...us...because everyone left to go to their missions yesterday sooooo we got to experience a bit of culture today! we went to a place called the relief map...you really need to look it up online right now, cause its really cool!

Go read about it cause I'm not going to waste time talking to you about it.

then we went to the "mercado"...it is a lot like pikes marked, but WAY cooler cause its all things Guatemala! so i got a couple things there as far as jewelry goes and an awesome bag! its legit!

not too much cause i{m going to have to carry it all around for the next year and a half, so only things i{ll use ;) anyway, pretty much awesome.

then we went to a museum...it was pretty grand! it was in a place where they found pretty much an entire city underground and a burial hill outside where you could take really cool pictures, and then part of the museum went under the hill and you could see a skeleton...

you'll understand more when you get pictures...although you probably won't get pictures for awhile...anyway.... today was pretty much awesome

I don{t know exactly what i told you last week, but i love teaching and i am getting a lot more comfortable teaching in spanish...there were a couple people in back of the CCM, they were mormon, but we asked if we could practice contacting, they agreed and we actually ended up teaching the entire first lesson!

we were way proud of ourselves, especially because we didn{t know we could! they will be back here this week and we are going to go teach them the second lesson :) there is a new group of missionaries coming today and tomorrow. it was sad to see all of the other ones go but i guess thats how it will be the entire mission...

spiritual thought
This may not seem really spiritual, but it helped me relate to people a lot... this week we all took the color test...i don't know if you have taken it, or even heard of it, but its a test to look at your personality in the form of a color and each color has strengths and weaknesses...

it helps you take a look at yourself and see what you need to work on and what your inate (sp) gifts are...its fun, but at the same time it gives you a clear idea about how you may contribute your gifts to the Lords kingdom and society as a whole...

I read Moroni 10 right before we took the test (not on purpose) and five out of the eight exhortations talk about the gifts of God and how we need to utilize them...

I{m going to read the entire book when i get home, but for now, read Moroni 10 and D&C...49? (the one about gifts) and see if you can find the color test...when you take the test email me your answer, cause i guessed pretty much everybody who will read this and I want to know if I was right!

I love you all, time is running out! I am working hard and love to hear from you!

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