Letter 20: "By funny I don't exactly mean funny"

Jun 13, 2011
San Salvador, El Salvador

"(Not true)... (True)"
Funny Story that can only happen in the mission (and by funny I don't exactly mean funny):The other day was a day that everyone just wanted to preach to us! We were contacting and we found a girl, Christina.

She was mas o menos [kind of] interested and we were about to close the lesson with a prayer when her parents got home and started ripping into us about how they respect all religions, but our religion is wrong and screwed up!

We bore our testimonies to leave and they started laughing at us. Because just as easily as we say, "We know that this church is true and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet" they too could say the same things about their church...

[So they said that] we profess that we know the truth, but we drink (not true) and dance (true)... and don't believe in the Judgement (not true)... and worship Joseph Smith (not true)

"I was fine... until..."
I have to confess I did get mad... I was fine and laughing inside until she said we worship Joseph Smith.... my blood turned cold and I got so irritated. I didn't say anything I'd regret though.

Just that if she took anything from what we were saying it was that we. do. not. worship. Joseph. Smith. (ugh)

"Turned off my Spanish button"
but the way I felt was is so hard to describe, because it was [frustrating] but at the same time it was a testimony to me that I know that the things we teach are true...

Anyway. we left to go to another appointment of a less active whose father was offended by the church and is now anti... well, he was there when we showed up.

He preached to us for exactly 30 minutes... I honestly turned off my Spanish button and didn't listen after 2 minutes of him talking because every time we opened our mouths to answer [his questions] he would put his hand up and say..."mire, escuchame..." ("Look, Listen")... UGH!

Some days are awesome... and some days just do not work in our favor :)...

but life is good...

The gospel is true!

be smart, don't make stupid decisions... mostly because God is watching :)

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