Another Transfer Transferred

November 21st 2011

(Editorial Note: This is one of my favorite letters from Casey due to the blatant evidence of her loss of the English language. It makes me laugh! My sister has turned her life over to the Lord! I love the evidence of it in her language.)

Slipping through my fingers...

i really cant believe it, ANOTHER transfer is OVER!!!!! mission is quickly slipping through my fingers and i have no control over it!!!!!!! i guess i can just live it up and have all the awesome experiences that i can. this transfer i am.... ... ... ... ...STAYING IN ATACO!!!!!! yes that is right! i am not having transfers! Hna bonilla and i are going to continue giving that a phrase in english?... Marlon has another date, its for this next sunday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANITA!!!! i am going to give you a baptism!...actually we dont know for sure because his girlfriend cant be there this next sunday so its either this sunday or the 14th of December!....we are still working like crazies ..although we went to the temple on friday...oh my gosh...i went to the temple a bunch of times before the mission and in the begining, but i never felt what i felt in this feels like home....i wouldnt mind living in the temple. and the san salvador temple is flipping amazing! it is so so so beautiful and there is a spirit that is indescribable... (word?) ...then today we had a baleadas party, baleadas are the food tipico in Honduras. today is the LAST pday of Hna Bermudez :( she is going home!!!!!!! so we got together with another zone to make baleadas...its not that i dont like my zone, but we get along much better with the elders and sisters of the other zone, so we just spend our pdays with them :) it was pretty much awesome. other than that nothing much is happening. i am aaaaallllll goood.
i love you all!

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