"Hello Beloved Family and Friends!"

September 12th 2011

"Hello Beloved Family and Friends!"

We have six baptismal dates!!!

i want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers for me and for our investigators...BECAUSE WE HAVE 6 BAPTISIMAL DATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! yup yup yup. its pretty exciting. our lìder misional gave us a thought yesterday that i cant to share with you all because, true confession, i havent written in my journal in over a month...or two...and i dont want to forget this idea, because its really good....ready?

Christ can do everything. nothing is impossible for him. for us, walking on water, healing the sick, moving mountains, are miracles. it is impossible for us to do these things with our own power. but not for Christ, to do these things is as easy for Him as it is for us to breathe. He can do everything. However there is one thing that is a true miracle for Christ and that is when somebody has a change of Heart. when somebody decides to repent and change their own life. this is a miracle for Christ because he will not, he cannot, obligate a person to change. He cannot make a person repent. so everytime we witness a change of heart in somebody's life, everytime we have the opportunity to witness a baptism, we witness a true miracle for Christ. How beautiful is that!?! I know that the work that i am doing is the best work one can have the opportunity to do. to help people change thier lives... i witness miracles everyday.

Miracles right and left

Especially right now i am seeing miracle right and left. we are teaching the Velasquez family and they have accepted a date! the 26th of September! Sonia is all for it, this is the date that she felt when she prayed about it. Mauricio is still a little shaky, he needs prayers, he is putting forth effort, yesterday we passed by to see how everything was to go to church about 45 minutes before and he was still asleep, i didnt think he was going to come, but he did! and they go to every single church activity during the week if they are not working, and we visit them at least three times a week (if not four or five) they are awesome! so please continue to pray for them. Also their kid, Abi...she was going to get baptized with them, but she wants to go to the Temple on the 24th, which means she needs to get baptized and confirmed this week...so she is!

In your prayers

Alex, Alejandra, and Katherine, also need prayers. they are ages 11, 12 and 13. they are always in the house the two older kids dont go to school and thier mom is ALWAYS working. they have too much time on their hands. we are visiting everyday and trying to help them, but they are finding it difficult to change. they go to seminary and all the other activities. I know that this could really help their family and also thier mom. thank you for your prayers!

And sick... again... again...

in other news...there is no other news...i got sick again :) and i dont even know why! i dont eat from street vendors and i wash my vegetable with bleach...but that is the life i guess...i got a blessing and by the end of the night i was better! thank goodness for the Priesthood, works miracles (for us, not for God)

Information from home

I just recieved a mountain of information from home. 'the restaurant,' or rather my family's restaurant that has been part of, i mean, has been our life for the past 17 years is closing in two weeks...and Trish is going to have a baby...A BABY!!!! there will be 6 baptisms here within the next two weeks...the only thing that will not kill the climax is if the world were to end in three weeks...https://mail.google.com/mail/e/gtalk/366

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