Miracles and Pictures!!

November 7th 2011

This week was pretty awesome. we lost a few days because of the whole Hermana Estrada foot fiasco, but we worked hard and saw some miracles!

miracle number one: on thursday we have noche de hermanamiento at the church (night of brotherhood?) at 7pm...but this thursday we had a super long lesson that we didnt get out of until almost 8...we debated fo
r a few minutes if we should or shouldnt go to the church and in the end we decided to go. about thre quarters of the way up the huge hill to the chapel this kid comes over and tells us there is someone on his cell phone that wants to talk to us...uh huh, sure!....needless to say we were VERY untrusting so finally after a minute of trying to convince us unsuccessfully to take the phone, he put it on speaker and a girl named jessica started talking to us and told us something along the lines of: "missionaries! my name is Jessica and this kid holding the phone is my boyfriend, his name is Marlon, and he wants to be baptized as soon as possible! he has a Book of Mormon and is reading it as well as Principles of the Gospel, he is going to church on Sunday and i just need you to call me to tell me what day his baptism will be so i can get off work! is that okay?!"...she paused and I actually said "are you kidding me?! is this a joke?!" she assured me it wasnt....we have a baptisimal date for the 24th of November!

miracles numbers 2-6: on Sunday we usually leave the house around 630 to wake everyone up for church...do missionaries do that in the states?!?! anyway, EVERYONE said they couldnt go, or that they were sick, or just didnt open the door...we were pretty down when we went to the church at 730...but de repente! Carlos came again! very surprising and also Fernando (he wasnt awake when we passed by in the morning so we had given up on the idea that he would come) Marlon came...and then when i had thought that i had seen all the miracles for the day Sabrina came...with her husband!!!!!! (carlos)...in order for you to really appreciate that miracle you need to hear the backstory...

Backstory of Sabrina and Carlos:

we contacted sabrina last week. when we were giving her the first lesson at the end she told us that about eight years ago she was praying to God to find the church that he wanted her to be in...she was praying and praying and praying and one night she had a dream and in the dream Christ told her that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints was his church...and for 8 years SHE DISMISSED THE DREAM AS NOTHING!!! even though she knows that it was the answer!!!! but there is something that is holding her back and we dont know exactly what it is...anyway. we wanted to teach her husband too but she told us that Carlos likes the things of the world and he has told her that he knows hes going to Hell, but hes okay with it...hmmm....anyway on saturday we talked to him and i was pretty blunt telling him that hell isnt pretty and we read the story of Alma the Younger...he didnt seem too interested...BUT THEN HE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!?!?!?!...we are a little confused. but i guess well see what happens...so in your prayers please include:


and ME!!!!

i love you all i am all good and i am loving li
fe...the rain has gone and everyday is BEAUTIFUL!!!! i miss my family...but i.love.el.salvador!!!

(EN: I pretty much thought it was a miracle that she FINALLY sent us some pictures. She is not very good at that... just sayin'...)

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