It's raining, It's pouring!

(Editorial note: As Casey learns more and more Spanish, her English suffers. I think it's kind of cute, so I left her letters [mostly] just the way they came. She also quit bothering with sentence structure early on in her letters, so the ellipses are all her.)

October 17th 2011

It's... Christmas?!?

this week was definitely rained and poured ALL fact it is still raining and pouring. its flipping cold and i only have one thin sweater (because who in the world thought that i would need more than one in El Salvador!!!). i am buying a coat today. :)

Because of the weather i feel like it is Christmastime....i am driving my companion crazy because all i want to do is sing christmas songs, give service and drink hot chocolate, apple cider. and soup... every day i burn my tongue more! the last thing we want to do is go tracting outside!...but we do....however the people in Ataco are not like the people in Sensunapan and more often than not they tell us that they arent interested and perhaps we can come back when it stops raining...and then they shut the door....youd think this would make us sad and discouraged but for the last week i have had a inexplicable joyful feeling...i think it has to do with the Christmas cheer i am feeling two months too early!....all is well!


in other news we had a baptism friday! you remember about Alexis in Sensunapan. he's a repeat! he is amazing. just takes everything as it is and knows its true. i am so grateful that i got to be his missionary!

Please pray

please pray for our investigators we have a family that needs lots of prayers they are in a difficult situation that is going to take time to fix...more than anything they need patience and motivation...but their kids are getting baptized at the end of the month! (we hope!!!)

Familia Laguan!

i love you all and hope all is well...stay safe!

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