Rules and Revelations

October 24th 2011

What a week! i know i say that every week, but every week its true...nothing really happened this week it rained and rained until about wednesday and then the weather took a 180 degree turn and now it is bright and sunny and warm....which is just great except that i bought three sweaters last week...but its all good cause everyone is saying that even though it isnt raining anymore (and wont rain until next year!) the weather is about to get really cold...anyway, i doubt you all want to hear about the weather...

Write Me More, Please!!

(EN: Okay, that is not really what this says... but it is what it means!)

due to recent occurances in the mission we are now only allowed 45 minutes to write people...and can only write immediate family...this means that i can still recieve emails, but that all my responses to everyone but my immediate family will have to be through snail mail... ;) i love you all and will talk to you in approx 8 months... :D


me me me. i am all good. today we went to tour a power plant that sucks water from the center of the earth turns it all into steam makes electricity and the pumps the water back down to the center of the Earth. pretty cool. the best part was that we had to wear hard hats! but then afterward we took a little hike to see some hot springs and just to prove that the Lord protects us from danger but not our own stupidity (technically we are not allowed near ANY water) one of the elders took a step where the earth was just a thin shell over boiling sulfur water...his foot was covered and now he has 2nd degree burns all over his foot. and it started blistering and...yeah, it was gross...we are going to see what happens with that....there are just some experiences that the only good outcome is a cool story...

Thoughts on Revelation(s)

this week i have been studying revelation. mostly because even though i love the book of mormon and thinking of all of the fulfilled prophecies in it is really cool i always think it would be even cooler to read about the future beyond our time...and then i realized that is pretty much what the book of revelation is all about!!!!!!!! so i started reading it...i still dont understand all of it, but most of this week i have been thinking about the second coming and everything thats going to pretty excited about it, the only thing is that we need to prepare...this life is all about preparation. its easy to get caught up in what we call life, the little things that distract us. but really if we always keep our eternal perspective and prepare for the future we will be okay! ...but at the same time living in the moment and doing all the good that we can...i always laughed at the part of the hymn that says 'then wake up! and do something more, than dream of your mansion above...' because who really just thinks about living in the celestial kingdom all the time...until this week when i have been living in that thought...anyway the point is dont get distracted by the little things that happen in life (or the seemingly big things) keep the eternal perspective and do all the good you can, for yourself and for other people.

Me Me Me

i keep getting emails that say i dont talk about myself very much. i feel like all i do is talk about myself. i am great, my comp is all good...i am still with Hermana Estrada, she reminds me so much of trish its not even funny...we've been together three months and still have a month more at least. i love her to death, but i hope we have changes this next transfer because i want to go to Belize...please pray for that! (yes, it is a completely selfish desire) i love life and cant imagine going home ever....i know the culture is completly different, but i have forgotten a lot of the US culture and am scared to go back...whew! i still have a while left...alright..i really have nothing else to write. i love you all and will week!

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