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November 1st 2011

The Craziest Day Ever!!!!!

Hello lovely family. yes i am writing on tuesday! yesterday was the Craziest day EVER!!!!!

remember about a month ago when i wrote about how Hermana Estrada sprained her ankle, well, its been bugging her still so we FINALLY made an appointment to get an Xray, we left early in the morning hoping to just get an ankle brace and return before noon...until they found out that it wasn't a was a fracture!!!! she had three small fractures in the little leg bone (i have no idea what its called). so they sent us back to Ataco to get clothes and return to Santa Ana, however on our way back to Ataco the car we were in blew a tire...thankfully we were pretty close to a car shop and less than an hour later we were back on the road. we made it back to Santa Ana in time to break a piƱata with the Hermanas there...p.s. the house of the nurse has three bathrooms and hot water....i was half tempted to sprain my ankle just to be there for a week...kidding!...anyway...Hermana Estrada is in bed for 7-10 days. no walking, no working. Thankfully! there was a trio in Santa Ana and i am back in Ataco today with Hermana Bonilla...she has four months in the mission but only two weeks in El Salvador because she is from Columbia and had trouble with her visa. She was serving in one of the missions in Columbia and now she just got here only to have emergency transfers...she says the culture is completely different, she can hardly understand the accent here because 'the people here dont speak spanish they speak slang' :) life is crazy, its wierd to have a different companion but i think it will make me work harder...Hermana Estrada and I were too comfortable with eachother.! :)

the rain has gone and now the days are beautiful and happy and the nights are flipping cold...i just bought a blanket today because i sleep with two layers and a blanket and still wake up three times a night with cold. but its all good. i love you all and hope you have a great week! ill write more on monday (Hopefully!!!)

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