Who I Am And Who I Was

November 28th 2011


One Year Gone!

in three days i will complete ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it. part of me feels like ive been out only a short while, the other part of me feels like ive been out an eternity. time doesnt work out here like it works in the real world...in fact i have somewhat complete forgotten the real world...i try to think of what i did before the mission and my mind draws a blank... I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!

What Has Changed?

the mission makes a person feel so productive...we get up at 630 (at the latest, we have started getting up at 6 to go for a run or play basketball...) ...i remember when it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to get up before 10....30....(EN:Or noon-ish)we study at least two hours, sometimes more if we get dressed really fast....ive learned to take showers that are SHORTER than 5 minutes (i know, i know...A MIRACLE!!!)(EN: No, really, it is!), it could be because the water if FREEZING cold. we work all day, visiting people and trying our best to help people, and just be their friends. i am in bed by 1030 (not at 3am!) and i am asleep by 1045...

What makes me nervous...

i am slightly nervous (only slightly right now because i still have 6.5 months!) that when i return home i will slip right back into who i was. i realize that it wouldnt be the worst thing in the world, because i wansnt a horrible person. but to be so productive now and to not do anthing afterward scares the heck out of me! progress...that is the key. siempre necesitamos progression!

Line upon line

i have changed so much in the last year. day by day you dont feel the change...but week by week and month by month the little details change everything, until the person i am, is completely different from the person i was. and the person i will be is much better than the person i am...at least i hope so!

i love you all. i miss you all. i hope your thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine! im thankful for you!!!!

Philippians chapter 1 verse 3

and just for fun, chapter 3 verse 2

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