The Miracles That Are... Carlos and Jose

December 12th 2011

these last two weeks have been full of miracles....i cant believe i have beeen blessed to see and experience the things i am seeing and experiencing...i hope i will be able to remember it all...

Carlos- did i write about him? about two weeks ago Carlos found us in the street, he was drunk and started following us. there are a lot of drunks in Ataco and the majority are harmless...about three weeks ago one started running after us trying to hug us. we never feell in danger, but its always good to be careful. anyway,I half paused as my companion kept walking away, usually we tell the drunk me following us that they need to stop drinking and go to church on sunday, they usually reply, OKAY! and then go their way. i dont know how it happened, but i started having a conversation with Carlos. we set up an appointment for the next day and i told him if we came he couldnt drink. he told us the bottle in his pocket is his last one. we went late that day to try to find his house but couldnt find it. and imnot sure if we were really planning on going to his house the next day, but a story i read in the liahona kept coming to my mind about these one missionaries who did practically the same thing i did, didnt go to his house and then three weeks later found out the guy had actually quit drinking and was waiting for the next day we went. he opened the door..clean shaven, with clean clothes and waiting for us. his mom came to listen, we explained a little bit more about the word of wisdom and he said that he is done drinking and doing drugs and wants to be a member of our church, no other. (!!!) since that day he has gone to EVERY meeting in the church, taken part in a service project of the quorum of Elders and is reading the book of Mormon every day. his mom cries every time he talks about how much he wants to change...and he has a baptisimal date for next Sunday....this is the biggest miracle i have ever seen...imagine if we had just treat him like nothing or didnt go to find him.

Jose- for months we have been hearing his name, a reference of one of the members that always says he will be interested, but never invite him to have a lesson. last sunday we were walking with this member and we passed a group of guys, as we were walking away he tells us that his friend was in that group...we called him over and set an appointment to talk with him. when we had the lesson he told us that it is time for him to join a church and he wants to join ours. (!!!) he came to church on sunday and we invited him to be baptized on the 25th...its really cool metaphorically speaking because his birthday is the 24th, so he'll celebrate his birthday on saturaday and he'll give his present to Christ on Christmas...we still have a long way to go before we realize this amazing metaphor, but we could do witha few of your prayers in the process, thanks!

other than that this last week has been filled with spiritually uplifting experiences, we are in the middle of 4 missionary training meetings aimed at helping us better our teaching. and its working. we are learning to follow the spirit and ask question and teach people, not just lessons. as we are applying these principles to our teaching we are finding a lot more success! its pretty amazing

anyway, i love you. God loves you. and not much else really matters!

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