The best... or the worst...

September 26th 2011

The dice in the air

this last week is either numbered one of the best weeks of my mission or one of the worst....the dice are still in the air.

last Monday after playing softball with another zone my companion was messing around and fell and sprained her ankle really badly, so badly that she had to be off of it for one entire week! this last week we had 3 baptisms scheduled and a ton of work to do! so everyday we had to find sisters of the ward to stay with her and sisters to leave with me to teach...difinitivamente it was a week to remember. God had a huge part to do this week and he came through (surprise!!!) I was able to leave and visit people everyday sometimes i had to talk the entire lesson but other times a returned missionary could leave with me and take part in the lesson. in one lesson i had a sister from the ward that didnt have any experience as a missionary and a recently returned missionary, our ward mission was really weird because the lesson played out like he was my comp. bouncing back and forth teaching the plan of Salvation....i kept expecting to hear Hna. Estradas voice and then i would hear his...WEIRD!!!!! also our neighbors have like three families living in one house and they have a ton of kids, and they helped us EVERY day to watch Hna Estrada after school. a blessing straight from God. on Wednesday Hna Estrada and I were both going insane me from stress and her from having nothing to do in the house all day...she read half of Alma in one day...we read chapter 6 in preach my Gospel, especially about patience....we decided this really was the test of the week. the ultimate test of the week happened yesterday when i arrived at the house of Alex, Alejandra, and Katherine without my comp. to pick them up for church (the three that were going to get baptized) when alejandra answered the door she told me that only she was going and that the other two didnt want to go to church and didnt want to get baptized..!!! (the day before i asked them all how they felt and they all said yes!!!!!) i prayed harder than i have ever prayed in my life and went in to talk to Katherine and Alex, i started talking to Katherine when her mom told us that she was not okay with the baptism now and that they need more time and......yeah...... we read scriptures together, prayed, talked and cried and in the end Alex and Alejandra came to church. we talked some more and after church brought their mom to the church to talk with the elders while me and two recent converts went to work things out with Katherine....after testimonies and scriptures and hyms and prayers we found out that the real problem is that Kathrine didnt want to get baptized with her sister....that was it! we changed her baptisimal date to wednesday and we all went to the church and Alejandra and Alex were baptized and their mom felt the spirit and started to cry and now she wants to get baptized.....!!!!!! how awesome is that!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

it was either the best week of my mission, or the worst...i guess it just depends on how you look at it....

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